4.11.2016 BRATISLAVA, PART OF CROSS BORDER REGION – LECTURES AND ROUND TABLE WITH PROF.BOHUMIL KOVAC AND BKU ARCHITECTS Michal Bogar and Ludovit Urban, members of BOGAR KRALIK URBAN architects together with prof. Bohumil Kovac presented the lectures regarding the topic: “Bratislava, part of cross border region”. Subsequently they attended the round table on this topic.
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7.10.2016 BRATISLAVA, THE CITY ON CROSSROADS OF THE CULTURES – participation on the scientific conference in Bratislava, the part of metropolis on the borders

12.7.2016 ÉCOLE NATIONALE SUPÉRIEURE DE PAYSAGE, ENSP Versailles – Jury – Michal Bogar, architect, studio BOGAR KRALIK URBAN, member of Jury for diplome project at the National School of landscape in Versailles / člen poroty pre obhajoby diplomových prác na Národnej škole krajinárstva vo Versailles.

Congratulations for finishing school to Qixuan Yang (téma / topic of Bratislava and the Pecna Forest), for Louise Monthiers (topic of Bruxelles and its canal) and for other students! Many thanks to Maguelonne Dejeant-Pons, Florence Mercier and Bruno Tanant for your cooperation in this jury.

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Ludovit Urban presents the selection from competition entries of the studio BOGAR KRALIK URBAN architects. Actual photo: concept of linear park including the new tram line from. International competition (2014): the main axis of Petrzalka quarter for 150.000 inhabitants from the sixties – eighties of the 20th century

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27.11.2015 PARIS – LECTURE AND PARTICIPATION ON ROUND TABLE WITH THE TOPIC “RENOVELER LA VILLE NOUVELLE“  Michal Bogar, member of BOGAR KRALIK URBAN architects participated on the event organized by Atelier international du Grand Paris (AIGP) and Europan France which was organized at the Faculty of architecture ENSA Marne-la Vallée as an accompanying event of the summit COP 21 in Paris (2015). He presented the lecture touching the topic „Renewal of the main axis of Bratislava – Petrzalka, the residential district from the sixties and seventies of 20th century“. The series of lectures was followed by a round table. Participants of the discussion: Aglaée Degros (Belgium), Joseph Hanimann (Switzerland), Alain Maugard (France), David Mangin (France), Isabelle Moulin (France), Paolo Vimercati (United Kingdom) and Michal Bogar (Slovakia).

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28.10.2015 PECHA KUCHA NIGHT BRATISLAVA Vo.31: About the borders around us and inside of us / O hraniciach okolo, aj v nás.
The book Bratislava Metropolis was presented on the 31st PechaKucha Night Bratislava / 31. PechaKucha Night Bratislava predstavila aj knihu Bratislava Metropolis
Author: Dominique Perrault & Michal Bogár, Ľubomír Králik, Ľudovít Urban & coll.

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18.5.2015 PREZENTÁCIA A KRST KNIHY BRATISLAVA METROPOLIS, Zrkadlová sieň Primaciálneho paláca
Autori knihy / Auteurs du livre : Dominique Perrault & Michal Bogár, Ľubomír Králik, Ľudovít Urban a kol. / et collectif >>čítaj ďalej>>

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